This is my 9 year old son, Max. He’s pretty awesome in many ways (all my kids are!)- he’s smart, he’s patient, he has a knack for figuring things out, he loves to know how things work…but what he’s really awesome at is listening his body.
Max is allergic to wheat and dairy. I’m not talking EPIPEN allergic- but uncomfortable, painful and reactive. When he ate wheat, he not only had stomach issues but his mood resembled a bipolar teenager- dark, mopey, and anxious.
Dairy causes him extreme discomfort which turns into more embarresing bowel issues (i’ll leave it like that!). But, nothing life threatening, nothing that he couldn’t bounce back from within a few hours or days.
Why does this matter to you? Because at 7 1/2, Max learned to listen to his body and respect what it had to say. He learned the cause and effect of his actions (in this case what he ate) and makes daily decisions on how to honor that.
And its not always easy. He faces decisions at birthday parties, restaurants, while traveling and at friends houses. At home, its easy- away its more difficult. He’s sat at a restaurant looking at a menu of food he can’t eat and chooses something he’s not excited about. He goes to birthday parties with pizza and cake and sits patiently for the end.
He’s been to parties where there is literally nothing he can eat. He always has the choice- as his allergies are NOT life threatening. And it amazes me that he always chooses to feel good. He CHOOSES TO FEEL GOOD.
Let that sink in. He’s 9 and he is in full control of what he puts in his body and makes the choice to honor what his body is telling him.
As adults (or teenagers) we somehow lose site of this. We makes choices everyday that do not nourish our body, mind or soul.
We eat foods that make us feel crappy, we drink too much, we are in toxic relationships with friends or lovers, we are in jobs don’t fulfill us, we sit in traffic for hours a day, and/or spend our days just going through the motions.
We knowingly make choices everyday that keep us from our full wellness potential.
My hope for all of you in this new year is that you learn a little something from Max. If there is something you eat, drink or do that makes you feel like shit, please just stop.
Let yourself be completely nourished and stop sabotaging your body, mind and soul. Identify 1 thing that is keeping you down and give it up. Whether its sugar, coffee, wheat, fast food, dairy, a draining friend or a fruitless job- lets just give it up and CHOOSE TO FEEL GOOD.
 David Beares
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