Which one would you like to choose?

Well, when we say things like “I don’t have time to workout,” or “gyms and health food are too expensive,” or “I’m too scared to workout at my age,” you’re accidentally choosing the later.

Let me explain.  There’s really two ways to approach your health.

Option #1 if Easy Path now, Hard Path later…

But reality isn’t always what it seems.

In this scenario (and this is what way too many people choose) you don’t make time for fitness.  You fear your body, assume you’re too old or too injury prone.

You don’t like vegetables.  You have “no discipline with food”.  You’re someone who has “bad genes” or a “slow metabolism.”   So honestly, why bother!

You are too stressed, so taking more time to workout just isn’t going to happen.  There isn’t enough time for it all, so why would you take hours away from your week to workout.

This is the Easy path now, Hard Path later….and boy does it get harder.

Because at some point, unless you’re just damn lucky or genetically gifted, you’ve gotta pay the piper.

Decades of choosing the easy option becomes a dependency on meds and surgeries, crazy expensive healthcare, and lost freedom and fun as you age.

What’s the cost of good food and fitness?  NOTHING like the cost of a dependence on modern healthcare and lost years!

Option #2 Is Hard Path (Proactive Path) now, Easy Path later…

It means you choose the path that takes more work NOW (and I really wouldn’t call it a hard path.  More like the Proactive path).

You choose right now to seize the day and put your time and money into your health.

You get on a fitness regimen that’s effective, that you’ll stick with and that gets you results.

You focus on core nutrition.  You get clear on a couple of solid rules/guidelines to follow, and you build healthy eating habits that fit into your life.

When you struggle, you build accountability into your program.

As you age, you do damage control and injury prevention, but you never stop working out or succumb to fear of pain.

When you need more support, you get coach or a practitioner to help you deal with pain as it comes up.

You take the progressive approach- follow systems in fitness and nutrition, take action (a little bit every day and week), you stick with a plan that works, and you make it part of your life.

So this is the Hard Path now, Easy Path later…and it’s really the smart option.

One of our clients, Peggy (now 63), just did a video with me where she talked about taking the Proactive Path 4 years ago…

She and her husband Richard have been with us for several years.  When she joined us at 59, she was coming off THREE shoulder surgeries…and she was scared to lift weights.

You’ll be shocked to see how man pounds she can press now!?!  Watch her show off her stuff CLICK HERE and listen to her story about recovering from injury and entering retirement in the best shape of her life.

She and her husband are perfect examples of this.  And they also prove the fact that it is literally never too late.

They could have thrown in the towel and accepted that “this is what the 60’s must be like.”

Instead they’re taking trips all over the country.  They go see their grand kids and get to be active with them.  They have plans to hike all over Palestine up old stone staircases.

They’re doing retirement like it’s supposed to be.

Not struggling and paying a fortune in medical costs.  Kicking butt and traveling!!!

It’s a real-world example of what happens when you take the “Easy” path or the “Proactive” path.

One looks easy, but has serious physical and monetary costs.

The other looks hard, but it just requires making those investments…and they pay off in droves down the road.

How you can apply this TODAY?

My Free eBook, The Empowered Fitness Blueprint, is a great starting point.  I’ll teach you some easy but effective concepts around fitness, nutrition and mindset that work for real men and women .

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Dedicated to your health,

David Beares