Max’s Story

This is a blog about my son, Max, that my wife wrote. It’s a bit long for a post, but it’s worth it.

She talks about our son’s struggle with food and how brave he’s been. It’s a story of listening to your body. Learning how to “treat” yourself. And valuing how you feel over caving into what you want.

I hope you enjoy!

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Is Running Even Safe?

As I sit at my computer this morning, thinking about what to write, I notice a runner jogging up the road.   My eyes first noticed that she was all hunched over. I could see out of the corner of my eyes that her upper back was rounded. Her legs weren’t pumping hard...

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Cancer and strength- one client’s compelling story

Last spring I got an email from my client Karen that I never expected. She was one of our most healthy, strong and vibrant clients. At 50 she easily looks 10 years younger. She’s strong, has an athletic build, and is the person who always seems happy. But one morning she noticed a lump in her breast, and the worst thoughts came true. Several months later, she is not only facing cancer like a champ, but she is thriving. Watch her story here…

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Treating Fat Loss Like a Gardener

Treating Fat Loss Like a Gardener means putting your focus on becoming healthier first. Build your health like a gardener would tend their garden…and fat loss becomes the positive and obvious outcome. Learn how in this video

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Hard Path- Easy Path OR Easy Path- Hard Path

Which one would you like to choose?
Well, when we say things like “I don’t have time to workout,” or “gyms and health food are too expensive,” or “I’m too scared to workout at my age,” you’re accidentally choosing the later.
Let me explain. There’s really two ways to approach your health. To read the rest of this blog–> follow the link

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Woo Hoo I’m 50

The 7 Secrets