Hard Path- Easy Path OR Easy Path- Hard Path

Which one would you like to choose?
Well, when we say things like “I don’t have time to workout,” or “gyms and health food are too expensive,” or “I’m too scared to workout at my age,” you’re accidentally choosing the later.
Let me explain. There’s really two ways to approach your health. To read the rest of this blog–> follow the link

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How to regain INSPIRATION when you feel lost

That little thing called INSPIRATION can be a bit of a trap.

There’s no question our life feels more exciting, and we get more done, when we feel inspired. But let’s be honest, sometimes it just goes bye-bye.

I’ve been at one of those points in my life the last two weeks. I’m not totally sure why, but I can feel that the inspiration has left me for dead recently. For the rest of this blog, and to learn the top 3 tools to reclaim inspiration…read the full blog…

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Woo Hoo I’m 50

The 7 Secrets