Like to work out in the evening?

If you’re a night owl, by choice or circumstance, we’ve got a special promotion going for our 545pm and 645pm small group kettlebell classes. 

They are THE best full body workout on the market! 


The burn fat, leave no muscle unworked…and are amazingly fast (literally 39 minutes)


For the working man or woman, our small group classes will allow you to drop in ,get it done, and get on with your life.


IWeather you’ve got belly fat to work on, need to rebuild your strength, or just have that urge to find a more effective program, this is for you.


TRight now, I’m offering a 30 day special for just $39. Come train 2-4 days a week and pick night classes Monday thru Thursday (and saturday morning too!).

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I will personally teach you the system I’ve developed a over the last 12 years from working in the health and fitness industry. I’ve helped thousands of men and women including:

  • Fitness nuts who love being challenged.
  • Beginners to the fitness world who want to learn the most effective and efficient workout.
  • Women working towards their pre-baby body.
  • Women in their menopausal years.
  • Men who haven’t worked out or played sports in years who want to get their body back.
  • And people over 55 looking to stay strong and lean for a more enjoyable retirement

Here’s exactly what you’ll get in the

4 Week Breakthrough Challenge:


5 kettlebell workout videos (a variety of lengths)


A Nutrition 101 video


Access to a private Facebook group with live talks and coaching


A library of how-to videos to teach you ALL of the kettlebell and bodyweight moves you’ll need to complete


The Foundational Movement Training series- I’ll teach you the foundation of all athletic movement in short videos/workshops. This will help anyone of any athletic or fitness level easily take a massive jump in your personal fitness. 

Get started NOW! Click HERE to register for your FREE 10 Day Breakthrough Bootcamp! 

What You’ll Need: 

*One larger kettlebell for the swing

*Two smaller bells for presses and rows  

*Highly recommend investing in a Bosu and jump rope.

*FULL instructions and link to purchase equipment, as well as “How to Set up Your Home Gym” video will be emailed after sign up

The program is FREE, and registration for this program is only open for 14 days.

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