I truly believe that you have ability to be lean, confident and spiritually empowered…if you have the desire and willingness to do the work.

But often that potential is buried under lots of confusion and suffering.

I totally get where the confusion comes from. If I was looking to make changes and I tried following the LOUD NOISE of fat loss fads, magazines, spiritual gurus and the like…I’d be confused too.

Unfortunately, this may also mean that you struggle emotionally and beat yourself up. You suffer with enormous time pressures that make getting healthy a struggle. You want to feel and look your best, but you have tried and failed year after year. Or made it to your goal and fallen right back into old patterns.

That struggle tends to bring unnecessary suffering that just dampens your spirit; your self-confidence; your ability to thrive in this world, have deeply rewarding relationships, thrive at work, and radiate a level of confidence that you deserve.

My intention is to help you get beyond the struggle. My goal is to empower you with the simplest tools to unlock your potential for spiritual empowerment and physical transformation.

These 3 key steps are rooted in what I call the “3 Pillars of Health.” Most approaches you’ve tried have most likely lacked one or two areas of change, and I believe that’s why they have failed you.

The 3 Pillars are Treatment, Training and Nutrition. Treatment is essentially what unlocks your spiritual vitality and emotional health. It’s all about a healthy and empowered mind…unencumbered from self-sabotaging beliefs and habits.

If you want true spiritual/emotional empowerment and absolute physical health, I believe you also need to unlock the full potential of your physical body. Ask yourself this question: “How can I truly thrive in this world if my outer form doesn’t match the confident, healthy and vibrant person I long to be?”

So I’m going to strongly urge you to consider healing on all three levels:

  • Spiritual empowerment and clarity
  • Nutritional health
  • Physical health

You should find these 3 tools/tips to be fairly easy to understand and follow. What I’ll teach you is probably more comprehensive and simple to follow than most of the health and fitness solutions out there. I believe if you’re going to experience dramatic change AND keep it for a lifetime that simplicity has to be core.

So here we go!

Tool #1- Live in the Present/ Develop Mindfulness Practices

They say most of what we worry about doesn’t come to fruition. That means that most of the worry and fear that you experience right now, today, in this very moment will never even happen.

Wow! What a waste. What a block to your health and happiness.

It’s pretty obvious that if you desire to have the best quality of life and best health possible, working on your mind is core. Most of the strong, negative emotions we experience and put our minds through on a daily basis aren’t even based on real events.

The ultimate goal is to learn how to become more mindful, and then practice on a daily basis just like eating and sleeping. Learn to become more focused on the right here and now.

That’s where your health lies. That’s where your power to know what you most want in the world lies. And that’s the only place where you can truly start taking action and creating the health and life you want.

So let’s talk about mindfulness/presence. I’m a huge fan of meditation, and I strongly suggest you start using it in your own life if you don’t already. But I will say this. I would look for and focus on guided mediation.

You might be totally versed and open to mediation, in which case I probably don’t need to “convince you” why it’s so important to start. But what I hear from most people is a lack of understanding. They picture some fluffy exercise of self-love and trying to become one with the universe.

What I’m advocating for is more about a mental practice and training your mind for success. Training your mind to focus on what deeply matters to you and how to get there. Training your mind to see the old roadblocks (emotions and negative beliefs), and have a way to squash them.

I would strongly advocate that you find a guided meditation that will help you both calm your body and your stress AND build stronger belief in yourself and carry through to living a better life.

That’s the real strength of meditation. I’ve personally seen it transform clients in amazingly effortless ways. As they stop trying to do everything by grit and effort…they focus on building their own deep power and belief.

When you start to practice mindfulness on a daily basis you will get better at it like any skill. And this is coming from a person who considers sitting still and meditating to be very challenging.

Tool#1 Summary:

  1. Develop a mindfulness practice
  2. Focus on guided meditation (some resources at the end of this blog)
  3. Practice for 5-20 minutes per day
  4. Focus on building strong, clear goals and strong belief that you will achieve them
  5. Watch your health soar and your efforts become more effortless

Tool #2: Nourish Your Body

I’m going to make this short and sweet. End the focus on calories as king, and shift to a focus on two factors- quality ingredients and real food.

That’s it. Almost all other attempts to make nutrition and diets effective are merely ways to overcomplicate and confuse you. I will go into more detail so you can start to create a plan, but at its core, real food and quality ingredients should be your only goals when it comes to nourishing yourself.

Focus on the word I chose in this tip. Nourish. That’s really what food is all about. You could get 10 nutrition experts in a room and they would probably all have a different take on what the “right diet” should be. But the heart of the matter is nourishment.

When you focus on nourishment and use mindfulness practices from above, you are completely capable of creating a diet that gets results, helps you burn unwanted fat and experience better energy and is easy enough for you to follow for a lifetime.

That’s the goal, isn’t it? If you found a diet that did all this, I’m guessing you’d be pretty psyched.

Tool #2 Summary:

  1. Focus on real food- came from the earth and is close to its natural state
  2. Use quality ingredients- foods that have the most nutrients and aren’t filled with wasteful calories
  3. Change your focus from Dieting to Nourishing
  4. Seek foods and a diet that you can follow for life- make sacrifices, but keep it reasonable enough that you’ll stick with it


Tool #3: Unlock Your Inner Athlete

I posed this question earlier- “How can I truly thrive in this world if my outer form doesn’t match the confident, healthy and vibrant person I long to be?”

A certain number on the scale is probably not the key to thriving in the world. But I’ll bet that aging gracefully and feeling confident in how your body looks and performs is pivotal to deep satisfaction in your life.

If that is a desire for you, let’s talk about how you can unlock your inner athlete. Here are the 3 core principles:

  • Maintain or develop balance- (I mean the actual ability to balance and not fall over)
  • Maintain or create limber hips, shoulders and spine
  • Develop enough lean muscle to build strong bones, burn fat efficiently and feel confident in your body

That’s it! Those are really the keys to the perfect exercise plan. I will also point out that most programs being pitched to you are not complete in all three areas. Running and walking might work on balance and lean muscle in your lower half, but they’re not getting you more limber or building even muscular development (and you can’t neglect your core and upper body).

Most gym workouts filled with machines may build lean muscle but totally lack in balance, and again, mobility. I would also suggest that if you strictly workout with strength machines you’re not working to build stronger bones. There are much better, full-body exercises you need to incorporate.

The answer to working on all three areas is to use free weights like a kettlebell WITH full body exercises like…

  • Squat-push-press
  • The kettlebell swing
  • The Turkish Get-up
  • 1-legged row (the best balance exercise that ALL of my clients, no matter what age and ability, use for building exceptional balance)

For more clarity and explanations on these exercise and building your inner athlete, check out my blogs @ www.39minuteworkout-at-home.com

Tool #3 Summary:

  • Awaken your inner athlete and thrive
  • Build a body that ages well and looks great with full body exercises
  • The goal of all exercise should be to build balance, mobility and lean muscle

So these are the 3 keys to unlocking your full, inner potential. You absolutely have the capability to build a lean, confident and empowered body and mind when you put these tools together. I wish you the boldness and courage to make it happen!


Dedicated to your health,

David Beares

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